Service Flexberry» «Analytics provides server Pentaho, oformlennye Docker image.

To run the image Pentaho required to be installed ON a Docker. For Windows users there is a corresponding version of the Docker for Windows.

PowerShell script installing and running Pentaho

$documentsPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath('MyDocuments')
$folderName = 'Pentaho'
cd $documentsPath
New-Item -ErrorAction Ignore -Path $folderName -ItemType 'directory'
cd $folderName
$client = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$downloadPath = '' 
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/.env", "$pwd\.env")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/", "$pwd\pull.cmd")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/docker-compose.yml", "$pwd\docker-compose.yml")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/", "$pwd\composeStart.cmd")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/", "$pwd\composeStop.cmd")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/", "$pwd\swarmStart.cmd")
$client.DownloadFile("$downloadPath/", "$pwd\swarmStop.cmd")

The script can be download from GitHub. To run the script you need to open PowerShell console. Then you can just copy the script text to the console and execute.

Configuration TCP server ports

Server configuration is described in the file .env.

The server uses the following TCP ports:


If these ports are already occupied, you can override variables specified in the file .env, putting unused ports.

Obtaining the image

To work you must first download the ISO image repository script pull.cmd.

If the image is in the repository has been updated to use it, you must re-run the command pull.cmd.


To start the service you must run the script composeStart.cmd.

Service initialization occurs within 30-60 seconds.

Verification of a successful run Pentaho

In PowerShell console, you need to enter

docker ps

The result will be given a list of running docker образов. Among them should be flexberry/pentaho-saiku:8.0 .

The administration application with the default configuration is available at <http://<Redresseur>:<SERVER_HTTP_PORT>>.

If the access server is the computer running the service and the value of the variable SERVER_HTTP_PORT in the file .env not changed, then the URL will look like: http://localhost:8080/.

Username and password: admin, password (during the transition to commercial operation is necessary to change).

At initial startup of the image created named Tom:

  • pentaho_hidden - hidden server files pentaho;
  • pentaho_hsqldb - internal database type hsql to store the current настроек;
  • pentaho_repository - filesystem пользователей;
  • pentaho_logs logs сервера;
  • pentaho_tmp temporary files on the server.

When re-launches the image uses the data from the specified named volumes. Thus the user’s files and the current settings are saved when restarting the container.

For a list of named volumes, use the command

docker volume ls

If You plan to use these settings on another server, you must migrate the specified named Tom. Odnoimennyi folders volumes are in the directory /var/lib/docker/volumes.```

Stop service

To stop service you must run the script composeStop.cmd.

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