Available win-form audit

Win-forms audit was developed for displaying objects used ICSSoft.STORMNET.Business.Audit.Audit. Forms are packaged as nuget package NewPlatform.Flexberry.Audit.WinForms.

There is also a web-form audit.

Win-forms audit:

  • View records on the implementation of audit actions.
  • View information about the audit objects (with the relevant edit forms you have access to view the records for each audited action on a specific object).

Constraints win-forms audit

The forms of the audit there are the following limitations:

  • ””‘<add key=”AuditConnectionStringName” value=”…” />”’” better to ask for the name of the current connection string, since the forms of support read only from the current database.

Application win-forms audit

At the moment, the form of the audit is connected to the console powers.

To work forms may require the following:

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