Definition of main products, commonly used generic terms
Use the concept Value
Platform Flexberry the Set of products and subsystems that enable you to develop a broad range of applications based on various frameworks (from “Board” to complex mobile options, using, including, systems, lines of authority, change tracking and map data)
Flexberry Designer this CASE tool, which can be used for both business modeling (analysis of business-processes, reengineering of business processes) and object-oriented design of software and databases. As the notation used by UML
Flexberry Designer Plugins Plugins generating Flexberry Designer, allowing to create applications on the basis of Ember, ASP.NET or Wimforms engineered models, and applications, including GIS subsystem
Flexberry Ember Product platform Flexberry implemented on javascript-framework EmberJS
Flexberry ASP.NET Product platform Flexberry based on freeware ASP.NET and allows you to create WEB-apps
Flexberry Wimforms Product Flexberry platform that provides tools for developing applications that implements the win-interface (the”desktop” application) and contains a set of libraries required for the functioning of such applications
Flexberry Base Functional subsystem Flexberry platform to create applications of accounting or factual nature. This subsystem is implemented in the frameworks Flexberry Ember, Flexberry ASP.NET and Flexberry Winforms
Flexberry GIS Product platform Flexberry, which is a component of the analytical system used to store, create, edit, analyze and display geographic information. The main purpose of the system is the authoring of interactive maps based on existing spatial data, such as the districts of the region and city, water, blocks, streets, buildings, facilities, roads, rail and tramways, etc.
Service Flexberry Service Bus Universal means of integrating systems through messaging
Flexberry Analytics functional subsystem reporting and business intelligence
Flexberry BPM Technology for the rapid automation of business processes in the company. It allows you to simply and efficiently build complex processes without programming. Flexberry BPM allows to solve not only the rapid development of the processes, but also their stable operation at high speed of basic operations. Unique-process recycling allows not to lose the results even if the process was stopped because of an error in
Flexberry Portal Functional subsystem to create corporate portals
Flexberry ORM Technological component that implements data access layer. The main function of a component is an object - relational mapping (Object-Relational Mapping).
Flexberry Security Subsystem powers Flexberry platform that provides differentiation of access rights to data objects based on users and application roles
Flexberry Audit Technological component that implements the function of logging data changes by users
Repository Repository — the place where they are stored and maintained in any data used within Flexberry Desinger and system simulation
Control (web control ASP.NET) control in the application
Edit Form Shape providing a user interface for entering/editing the instance of the data object in one or multiple views,
List Form Shape providing a user interface for displaying a list of application objects
Lookup As an action - select master object (link to master object); as a control - control for selecting a master object, returning a link to it
Addon Technological part, which can be reused in the application
Front-end Client side of the user interface to the hardware and software part of the service, used as part of Flexberry Ember
Backend Software and hardware part of the service interface to the software and hardware part of the service
Database (DB) A specific set of data, which are usually linked by a unifying feature or property (or several)
Class (object, entity) This is the software element that describes the abstract data type and its partial or complete implementation
Master class (the master aggregator) A class that includes one or more child objects that are an integral part of it
Class of detail (detail) A class that is part of a higher-order class
NuGet package(s) A library(s) of Flexberry platform products that allow you to install and update components, tools, and services in an application.
The Docker image(s), the Docker container, Docker-file The docker image is created during build and the docker container is created during application start. Docker file is the heart of Docker. It tells Docker how to construct the image that will be used to create the container.
GroupEdit (AGE (ASP.NET), GE (Winforms), FGE (Flexberry Ember)) Control to create and edit datalow
ObjectListView (WOLV (ASP.NET), OLV (Winforms), FOLV (Flexberry Ember)) Control to create and edit the list of objects
DatePicker Control to create and edit the date and time