instructions on how to contribute to the platform Flexberry.


Flexberry platform is open and extensible technology for design and development. Developers that are actively using the platform can contribute, expanding and enriching the platform. The source code of the component was published with the aim to involve the community to work together on a platform that allows more efficient and faster to develop it for the benefit of users as the platform and user end applications.

the Process of platform development

To see a list of recommended tools for the development of the article.


The development of platform components based on the gitflow.

Issues and Pull requests

Discovered problems in copmonent platform Flexberry Issues are recorded in the repository. Welcome to repair problems sent in Pull request (PR) in the branch develop. Here’s how:

  1. You need to perform Fork repository to itself.
  2. Run cloning your repository.
  3. To make the required revision in the source code, perform commit and push to your repository (you have to understand how to work with git).
  4. Via the web interface create Pull request branch develop repository, which was made Fork according to the instructions from GitHub.
  5. If the result of the analysis will be created Pull request comments requiring revision of the code, it is enough to perform a revision in your repository in the same branch, which was created Pull request new commits will be automatically added to Pull request (every commit will be assembled on Travis-CI).

Requests for major changes should be made in RFC-repository platform Flexberry.

code Style

During development it is common for the platform Flexberry approach to the design code to adhere to PR was successfully taken.

Checklist for code review

In addition to the code style, there are other criteria, which is checked Pullrequest with modifications.

Testing platform components

Projects on the C# contain tests:

  • Autonomous unit-tests run on Travis-CI for each commit and PR.
  • Integration unit tests - require for execution access to multiple DBMS and executed by the developers, as well as on the server, preparing NuGet packages.

Projects in EmberJS contain tests running on Travis-CI for each commit and PR.

Recommendations for debugging

Guidelines for debugging are described in article.