Group layer alone does not lead to any rabotu data, visual and behavioral it is simply a container/directory for other layers. The role of the container is expressed mainly in three things:

  • In the layer tree, group the layers together with embedded in them the subsidiaries are displayed in the Villa иерархии;
  • When enabling/disabling visibility of the group layer on the map appear/disappear and all its nested child слои;
  • Group layers button add new sublayers, and to the root of the entire hierarchy of map layers and other layer types, this opportunity is not обладают;

Ember-layer component and its properties

Ember-the group layer is on the way ember-flexberry-gis/addon/components/layers/group-layer

Examples of usage

Example of adding a small multi-level hierarchy using group layers:

Please note, the system of coordinates and other attributes characteristic of other types of layers are not specified when adding a group layer you specify only the layer type group, the layer name, if required, else optional description and keywords.