the Basic principles of the business server and its wrapper

The business server has a set of methods. In CASE business server rendered UML class with the executable businessserver» qmo. The system can contain an arbitrary number of business servers. In General, the number of business servers and their methods is defined by an application developer.

Бизнес-сервер class that contains the code of the business operations.

Заглушки, wrappers business сервера — allow to perform business services in the following environments:

  • COM (COM wrapper) allows you to use COM to ensure transaction for multiple calls to data services from within a single method, distributed transaction,» «physical implementation architecture with application server (executing business server on a separate machine).
  • IIS Hosted Remoting (IISHosted wrapper) — allows access to the business server via .NET Remoting by HTTP, transport is SOAP. The use of this wrapper allows you to work in a mode where the application is a desktop user interface accesses a business server, located anywhere, via WEB.

features of use

Additional information about the features of using a business server is available in the following articles:

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